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The Negative Impact of Sectarianism on Christianity conversion rates

Before I fully became a Christian, I had encounters with plenty of Christians who wanted to invite me to their church. It would have been easy for them to simply offer me a bible to read and allow me to pick a church of my choosing to go to. Choosing what church to attend is affected by the distance between the church and your house and other factors. However, I soon realized that there is sectarianism in the religion. Although Catholics are Christians, their belief system is different from others. The Mormons are Christians too, but their belief system is different from the others. The fear of many evangelists at the time was that I would accept God but end up going to a church whose belief system they did not approve of. Knowing that there were different sects in Christianity and some sects labeled as the bad guys and others as the good guys confused me a bit, I mean this is supposed to be a religion and a pathway to salvation.

To be completely honest, I believe that sectarianism has a negative impact on conversion rates. It is common to see Christians from some churches speak evil of other churches or speak evil of sects of the religion that they do not belong to. If you were a potential new convert, would you want to be converted into a religion that seems to have no unity? Sectarianism proves that in a lot of ways, the religion is divided. If there is one Jesus and one bible, then why do we go about believing different things? It seems like these different sects just pick out the parts of the bible that they feel most drawn to and make it the central tenet of their faith while ignoring the rest of the bible. Organized religion is failing in a lot of ways, the church is failing in a lot of ways.

This situation gets complicated because it will not be right to ask people not to speak out on other sects or churches that are doing things contradictory to the bible. Of course, people need to speak out on these things, that is the way the situation will be exposed.

Here is my advice to evangelists: when you approach people, maybe the first step should not be to invite them to your church but to hand them a bible. When a person is well armed with the word of God and an understanding of what it says, whatever church they go to, they will be able to point out when they are being taught things that are contradictory to the word. We need to start asking important questions: are we spreading the word of God? or simply trying to advertise our church?

Although the message here is simply my opinion and I am not an expert on these issues, I  strongly believe that it would be a better approach than what we are currently doing. What do you think? Let’s discuss this in the comments section.

2 responses to “The Negative Impact of Sectarianism on Christianity conversion rates”

  1. You have got a point; I was quite surprised to find out about ‘denominations’ and then one have to contend with the ‘liberal’, prosperity gospel…etc hope you found a loving Jesus-centered church 😍

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    • Thank you so much. Can you believe that at one point in time, I even took a break from going to church altogether. Sectarianism gets a bit confusing for new converts. I pray that Jesus guides our religion in its organized forms back onto the right path. Amen.

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