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If God exists, then why does evil happen? (A question answered)

In this post, I will answer the question, “if God exists then why does evil happen?”. The answer to this question can be found in the bible. Nowhere in the bible did God promise that only good things will happen on earth. On the contrary, the bible tells us that Satan was cast out of the heavens and onto the earth. Satan (the devil) and his agents have come to steal, to kill and to destroy. The devil and his agents have some level of power, and they are always looking for ways to cause mishaps, and misfortunes on the earth. Sometimes, the devil leads people to commit violent acts against others or causes disasters to happen. Bear in mind, the devil can only influence you to commit violent acts if you do not believe in God. If you have true faith in God, the devil cannot oppress you, successfully tempt you or harm you. As I was saying, the devil is always causing mischief and natural disasters here on earth. If you could see into the spirit, which some Christians have the gift to, you will see that the forces of evil and the forces of God are engaged in a strong spiritual warfare. Our God is a righteous God who does not like to look upon sin. The devil uses this as a tool to turn God away from us, when the devil leads us into sin, if he chooses to cause unfortunate events to happen, God would not be able to save us because of our immense sin and distance from him. However, God loves us despite our sins. He has sent several prophets i.e. Moses, Noah, Elijah and even his son and a member of the Godhead, Jesus. He has sent his prophets to come to preach to us so that we can be saved. God does not lose anything when the devil displays his antics of causing problems. The trials and tribulations help to weed out the true Christians from the false Christians. The true Christians continue to believe in God and hold on to the promise all the step of the way. The false Christians only want the blessings and nothing more, they do not even want to grow spiritually. Even when true bible believing Christians die here on earth, it is no loss for God because they will be reborn in heaven into glorified bodies and into eternal life, a place where death will no longer have power over them. The devil has really come to steal, to kill and to destroy, and it is safe to believe that many of the misfortunes and unfortunate events that happen on earth are caused by the devil and the presence of a multitude of sins. This earth is a battleground with different forces moving around, both good and evil. It is a true testing ground, may God help us all. Some people will ask, then if the devil is the cause of evil, then why does God not destroy the devil? God has power over the devil and can destroy the devil. As a matter of fact, God has an appointed time when he has set out to destroy the devil. Don’t ever forget this, God’s time is the best. For now, the devil is still deceiving people and causing mishaps. Some people are in love with the devil and his ways, they are killing other people and causing violence. God is noting all of this down, he is taking account of his righteous followers and his spirit is moving around in the earth. One day, the time will come upon us when everything that we do will be judged. Till then, stay in God.

I hope this answer helps.

2 responses to “If God exists, then why does evil happen? (A question answered)”

    • You are right, and this is something that we would need to battle with everyday. Although we Christians are more cautious of sin, we are not immune from it. We need to really pray against backsliding and leaving doors open for sin.


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