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Ministerial Jealousy – My appreciation of Mount Zion International

There are people whose ministry and work for God I am honestly jealous of. Some of these people have done so much to spread the good news, and have put a lot of effort into depopulating the devil’s camp and populating the kingdom of God. Personally, I have a few of them which I hold in high esteem. Today I will like to give a special shout-out to Mount Zion International. The amount of effort they have put into making movies and music for Christ is commendable. At the heart of Mount Zion international is a family. Both of the parents in the family are pastors, the children are also heavily involved in promoting God’s word. They make movies, music and spoken words for Jesus. Here, I share my favorite short films from them with you.

They put a lot of effort into making their videos. Watch this behind the scene video:

We thank God for them, and we celebrate them. Is there anyone you know whose ministry makes you want to do more for God, if so mention them in the comments section, let us celebrate them.

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