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Why does God love us? (Jesus Appreciation Challenge Day 4)

I won’t lie, every time I read the bible, I increasingly realize how sinful I am. There are things that we know are a sin, but can’t seem to let go of. There are other things that we do not know are a sin, but find out that are a sin anyway. I am happy that Jesus died for us to be honest. Even when I try to spread the word to other people, I sometimes feel like a hypocrite because there is something that I need to work on myself. People need to understand that when we preach the word of God to others, we are trying to create awareness of how faithful God has been to us, not about how faithful we have been to God. Father forgive me for I am a sinner. I do get envious of people from time to time, I do get angry sometimes, I struggle with forgiving those who offend me and the list of sin goes on. I am not writing this so that others can be happy about their sin, but so that we can be aware of our sins and begin to work on improving them. I wonder how God even manages to love us despite our sins, I wonder how!!!!!

This is Jesus appreciation day 4. The final day of the Jesus Appreciation Challenge, and all I want to do is make a public declaration that I am a sinner and I am grateful for the precious blood of Jesus that has redeemed our souls. Thank you Jesus, thank you father, what can we ever do without you.

10 responses to “Why does God love us? (Jesus Appreciation Challenge Day 4)”

  1. True, God’s love for us will never “make sense” but more than my sin, I’m aware of His great love and faithfulness. Kindness so undeserved and the gift of righteousness I could never earn. The Lord is awesome!

    And thank you for hanging out in the Vine with me at Vine Life Faith. 😊


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