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The link between romantic novels/movies and lust in women

It is common to see women reading romantic novels, or watching romantic movies. I am certain that some of the producers of these media probably know that their audience consists mostly of women. From a young age, girls pick up romance novels and begin to form their expectations of love. Have you ever seen a girl/woman who wants a prince charming with nice lines and the perfect gifts? Chances are that this girl/woman indulges in romantic novels, music, or movies. Now, I am not trying to say that romantic media is bad, many people (including me) enjoy this media type to an extent. However, for a Christian woman, too much indulgence in romantic media can be a problem. There is something dreamy about romance, and we women often fall into the web of internalizing romantic ideas from romantic media. Aside from the failed expectations that result when we realize that real life does not conform to our romantic ideas, there is also a possibility of falling into the sin of lust. The sensual/sexual nature of the expressions in romantic media and the possibility of conjuring sexual fantasies due to exposure to this media type poses a problem. It does not take too long before we begin to dream of sexual fantasies with certain people in particular, it could be a crush or someone we find attractive. As we know from scripture, lusting after people is a sin. We also know from scripture that we need to try to keep sexual thoughts out of our mind, because of the problem of temptation. I would say this, reading romantic novels and watching romantic movies CAN LEAD TO LUST!!!!!! We need to be very aware here. The sad truth in all of this is that, when you become exposed to romantic media, it can be difficult to erase over-the-top romantic idealizations from your mind even after you get saved. For those of us who were exposed to romantic media many years before getting saved, we have accumulated all these ideas and all these sexual fantasies that we now have to put away, it is a lot harder than you think. If you suspect that your exposure to romantic media is affecting your spiritual life negatively, or is the cause of unexplained sexual fantasies, now would be a good time to stop watching, listening to, or reading these things. I am not trying to call anyone out here, many of us girls are guilty of this, but we need to begin to work on it, and I pray that God guides us all, Amen.

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