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What to do when you backslide

Many believers know the feeling of backsliding. You go from being in God’s presence in full force one minute to committing sin the next minute. Trust me, we have all been there. There is this guilt that comes over backsliders. The feeling that you have disappointed God, and being ashamed to go back into his presence.

When you backslide, my advise to you is this: do not crawl, do not walk, but RUN back to God.

I am convinced that Satan uses the guilt and shame of sin to draw you away from God. During that period, the devil has more opportunities to cause you to sin some more. Many of us are too ashamed to pray during the periods of sin guilt, this opportunity allows the devil to initiate his evil plans over you. These are evil plans that you would not be able to combat with prayers because of your sin guilt. The message here is simple: whenever you backslide, confess your sins to God immediately, tell him of your struggles and ask for him to strengthen you. You should also make up your mind to be better and avoid that sin. Be strategic and plan ways to avoid it. If you commit that sin again, do not forget that the devil will be back to use your guilt to torture you. Do not let the devil use your guilt and shame as a way to attack you.


5 responses to “What to do when you backslide”

  1. Aloha. This is James from You recently commented on a post. I wanted to rewind back without actually posting your comment on the site. Let me explain why.

    My blog is designed to share solutions with others who are members of either Alcoholics Anonymous or AlAnon. I’m not sure how familiar you are with those programs but they are designed for people who have struggled with addition to alcohol and other substances, as well as families and friends do them.

    God plays a central theme in those programs but, because many of our members have had a bad experience with God, either by having it thrust upon them as children of parents who often were less than spiritual in their behaviors, or having experienced a punishing God, we generally use the word Higher Power. However, I call God … God. I’m comfortable with that terminology.

    In 12 step programs we encourage members to find a God of their understanding and don’t require that God to be Jesus, or Muhammad, or Buddha or any God from one specific religion. Our programs are spiritual in nature, rather than religious.

    Let me explain the difference as I understand it. I have a very close relationship with God. I ask for how will many times each day. I pray to be a chance of his peace. I ask that I reflect him in all things I do. I talk to God frequently and I like to think I’m pretty good and listening for his direction. If it’s living, kind, compassion and done with good intentions, I’m guided by God. I work with lots of men encouraging to be truly God men, work the Program, take regular inventory of themselves, celebrate their successes in doin God’s will and work on their character flaws, admit their wrongs and constantly seek a deeper relationship with God.

    Religion, on the other hand, says you must believe in my God. It’s the only true God. Our God is righteous. Your God is not. We have the real God in our religion. Read our book and you’ll see.

    Unfortunately there is more than one religion who feels the same way. They too feel throes is the only true God. This causes dissection and wars and brings our animosity and he worst of men, all in the name of… God.

    I believe God and Jesus want us to be loving, tolerant, compassionate, patient and open. Kind too. I don’t believe they want us to dictate or try to prove our God is superior to others.

    I understand your passion about Jesus. I really do. I’m passionate about the program. And I’m happy to share it with anyone that wants it. What I won’t do is try to bring someone to it that’s not ready.

    Personally I love Jesus, but I’m not a Christian. I also love the teachings of many others. To me if they are teaching me to be a better man, to love myself and others more deeply, to have gratitude for this amazing gift of life and share my passion for all the good I see and experience, to be humble but not humiliated, to only look down at another when I’m reaching out to help them up, then I’m open to it.

    And though I’m not a Christian the Bible has some wonderful things to offer, many which I use daily.

    Combining religion with 12 step programs is a recipe for disaster. It creates creates separation teethe than inclusiveness. Chances of recovery would plummet because you would be forced to choose one or another religion in order to get sober or get help because you family member is struggling with addiction. Even though the founders were solidly Christian, they were smart enough to realize this. As a result, millions of people like me have had a chance to rebuild their lives and become productive members of society, fathers, sons, brothers, sisters, etc.

    That’s why I didn’t allow your post on my site. We are not allied with any sect, denomination, politics, or organization. Our primary purpose is to help others in recovery from
    Alcoholism and drug addiction.

    I am very happy you have found a God you love and believe in. May your life continue to be blessed!

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    • Thank you for your response. I understand that people have different views on God and religion. I am sharing about Jesus because I can testify to the fact that he is real and he works. My ultimate wish is for everyone suffering from problems such as addictions to overcome their problems. I share Jesus with people because I know that he works and that he can help them. I am only offering something that I believe would benefit them in their journey. However, I can understand your perspective. Thank you for your response, I appreciate it. Thanks.


      • The fact that you found Jesus and he works in your life is beyond wonderful and wanting to share your love for Jesus with the world is something you should never stop doing. It’s truly beautiful. Aa I said I too love Jesus. Reading Sermon in the amount by Emmet Fox opened me up to him by showing me that Jesus’ most important message was love. When we feel the love Jesus wants us to experience and share with the world we can’t help but want to shout from the rooftops “Hey. There’s no longer a need to suffer. I found the cure for all depression and misery. It’s Jesus! Bring him into your heart and you’ll see and rejoice!” I agree too. For many years I denied the existence of God in recovery. I saw that others who had God we’re happier but I couldn’t overcome my perception that God isn’t real, and that prevented me from experiencing the rapture of God. Then one day a light went off and suddenly, I believed in God and our relationship began and life became amazing. When I surrendered and allowed him to run the show, it got even better. And the deeper my relationship with him gets, the more glorious life is. I feel so blessed that I too can not help but shout out to the world that God is the answer. So, I appreciate the reminder of how wonderful Jesus and God are, and I absolutely concur with you. Have an amazing day and keep up the wonderful work of sharing your passion for Jesus with the world!

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