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The Lack of Peace in Vanity

Vanity is such an old topic, we have all been there. I hate to sound like a broken record, but I felt it is wise to discuss my personal experience with the issue. Who knows, someone might learn from it.

For me, it was not about the layers and layers of make-up. Although I went through that phase. It was the amount of time that I wasted while doing these things. I was not the best at make-up, so I had to do it over and over again before I got it right. I honestly believed that after I finished my make-up, I could have my life back. However, things did not work out that way. Whenever I was out in public, I would stare into any mirror I walked by. I needed to constantly reassure myself that I looked good. For someone who did not go out a lot, it was a shame that I spent so much of my time out paying attention to how I looked. The vanity lingered like a stubborn stain. It was the skincare. Yeah sure, I spent all these money on skincare, and of course I expected to see results. However, I think I obsessed a bit about it. I practically checked every trace of my skin all the time.

I honestly did not believe that I was enjoying life enough. The vanity and perfection seeking attitude practically zapped the life out of me. I thank God for his love through Christ Jesus that is showing me my true value. He is also teaching me to focus on what is most important. I am not here to please anyone, I am here for his service, and that provides me with a reason to sit back, let my hair down and just breathe.

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