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Modesty in dressing applies to men too

The bible says in Romans 14:13

“decide never to put a stumbling block or hindrance in the way of a brother”

A stumbling block or hindrance is anything that causes another fellow believer to sin, or to be weaker in faith. The term “brother” is used to refer to other fellow believers (male & female). For example, anger is a sin. When we willingly do things that annoy other believers, with the intention of annoying them, we are causing them to be angry, and we are causing them to sin. You see, when it comes to modesty, the rules are clear for women. Imagine a woman wearing tight fitting clothes that expose all her private regions, or a woman wearing short clothes that expose all her body, we all know that this woman is going to be a stumbling block in the path of the brothers. This woman might cause some brothers to look at her lustfully and therefore commit sin.

When it comes to women, the rules are clear, women need to be modest in dressing. How about men? There are men who post their six packs on social media for all to see, and they do not see a problem with it. In this day and age, and with the media’s sexualization of abs as a symbol of masculine sexuality, it is easy for a sister who is weak in faith to look at these pictures and lust over them. As a matter of fact, I honestly believe that even if the Christian brother is a fitness trainer, he is not allowed to post endless photos of himself with his shirt off. I understand that as a fitness trainer, you want to show your clients that you are fit, and that everything that you are about to teach them, are things that have worked on you. However, the truth is, if you are truly muscular, we would be able to see that, even if you have a shirt on. There are many men who have clothes on, even baggy clothes, and we can tell that they are muscular. We need to begin to draw attention to these things. I honestly believe that the only person that should be allowed to see a man with his shirt off, is his wife.

These are my opinions, what do you guys think?

2 responses to “Modesty in dressing applies to men too”

  1. Like the kerfuffle with the US Open tennis thing … fair is fair. If a woman cannot change on the court, neither should a man be able to do so.
    Whether culturally accepted or, as mentioned, distracting to the brothers, certainly posting lightly clothed pictures of oneself on social media is immodest in many ways. It screams for attention. It is contrary to the Jesus’ teaching that “Whoever wishes to come after me must deny himself …” (Mark 8:34). Less of me. More of him.

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