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A few things that I have learned about God

I got baptized in February 2018, therefore, I have only had a few months to observe how God relates to us as Christians. Despite the few months that I have lived as a Christian, I have made certain observations about God and I decided to share it in today’s post.

  1. It is good to pray in the morning: someone once shared that she asked the spirit of God to wake her up, and it woke her up at 3am. A lot of other people have mentioned that God prompted them to pray at 3am or in general early hours of the morning. The spirit of God moves early in the morning, sadly, when he arrives, he finds a lot of us sleeping. Praying in the morning is a good way to connect with God.

2. God prays for us: God does pray for us. The first time that I had an encounter when I saw God praying for me in a dream, I struggled to understand it. If God is God, then      why does he need to pray for us, I asked myself. However, I came to the                    understanding later that prayer itself is an action that we learned from God. Secondly,       although we are born again in him, we still live in the world and are sometimes subject   to attacks by the devil, so God prays for us to guard us.

3. When God speaks directly to our minds, the messages are usually short and use short sentences: God expects us to be smart. God will not speak with a full blown paragraph of words, at least this was the case in my experience. Several people have reported hearing directly from God, the words usually sounded something like this “think you’ve got some time for me?” (words like this from God are a prompt for the hearer to pray). In my experience, I was applying to jobs. I began to meditate on the holy spirit by closing my eyes, focusing on the image of God’s throne as described in book of Revelations and listening to gospel music. I fell into a sort of sleep state where I clearly heard God’s voice. He said “So, I see you got a job with Steve”, after which he showed me an online application. I was a bit unsure of what God wanted me to do, I thought that God was asking me to apply to jobs where the recruiter’s name is Steve. I began to search for jobs like this and did not find any. Shockingly, that same day, a job that I had applied to weeks back called me in for an interview. It was the only workplace that reached out to me. When I checked their company website, I found that the owner of the place is named Steven, and this was something that I was not previously aware of. That was the moment when I understood what God was talking about.

4. You sometimes will hear more from God through meditation than though prayer: I have seen several people who mentioned that they do not hear much from God when they pray, but hear from God when they meditate. I too have a similar experience. I do believe that there is an explanation for this though, when we pray, we are speaking. When we meditate, we put ourselves in a position to listen. If you do not know how to meditate, see my description of how I do it in the paragraph above.

5. When you hear God’s voice, you would know that it is God’s voice: understanding in the spirit is more aware than understanding in the physical. When you hear God’s voice, whether it is in a dream or in the physical life, you would not need anyone to tell you that it is God, you would just have an understanding that it is God. Several people (including me) have experienced this.

6.  Everything is under God’s power, when I say everything,  I mean everything: Nothing is beyond God, and even things that you think that God cannot help with, he can. I once met a lady who looked many years younger than her real age. She asked me if I knew what she did to look that way, I said No, she told me that she looks that way because she knows God. I instantly believed her, because I too have experienced it. Once upon a time, I made a vain prayer to God concerning belly fat. I initially resorted to wanting to lose it via exercise, however, exercise is a long process and I was getting a bit frustrated after working out for a month with no visible results. I did the vain thing of asking God for help under the assumption that he probably would not answer me since my prayer was vain. To my utter surprise, I came down with severe diarrhea. Every time I went to the toilet to poop, I found that my belly got flatter and flatter. By the end of the day, my belly was flat. I immediately understood that God wanted to show me that I did not see results with exercise because I do not have belly fat, I simply have water retention there. I have also had vain moments where I prayed to look good in group selfies because of social anxiety and not wanting to be called ugly. Basically 100% of those times, I was the prettiest person in the picture. Everything is under the dominion of God, basically everything, even how you look, can you believe that!

7. Healing from God is sometimes preceded by a painful process: A man once talked about how he was sick and God healed him. He said that he saw an angel with a knife beside his bed and the angel stabbed the area of his injury. After that he felt immense pain in that area and initially thought that the event was a demonic encounter and he began to pray. Before he knew it, that area that the angel stabbed was completely healed and his injury was gone. In my experience I got a flat belly, but not without severe diarrhea first.

8. God will sometimes ask you questions that he already knows the answer to: Just like God asked Adam and Eve where they were after they ate of the fruit, God still asks questions like this in this day and age. God knew where Adam and Eve were, and he knew what they had done, however, he still asked. In my experience, I once had a bit of fear and anxiety about prayer. One day, I and a group of people were supposed to pray, but they were sleeping. Our usual protocol was for the person awake to start the prayer and wake up all the others. I was wide awake and could have began the prayer, but I did not because of my fear and anxiety. The next day God told someone to ask me why I did not start the prayer. God knew why I did not start the prayer, he just wanted to ask me again, so that I can admit, not to him, but to myself, the truth of the situation.

9. God knows everything that would happen before it happens, and he sometimes would make preparations so that the event would not hurt you: Sometimes you would say a prayer, but the prayer is a type that cannot be answered unless something has been in place many months before to make it happen. Let’s imagine you go to a top government department for an appointment. Let’s imagine that you cannot get an appointment in a place like this unless you have booked one many months before. Imagine a Christian who did not book an appointment and needs to get one. Sometimes, this Christian would find that the minute they pray their prayers are answered. God might have moved the department to start a policy many months before, a policy that would allow people to drop by without appointments. God knew you were going to ask that, and he made that provision for you, before you even asked. In my experience, I was working at one job. I got another offer for another job. Since I already had a job, the second job offer was not a priority, I still decided to go for the interview and I got the job. I then began to work 2 jobs. Some weeks later, I lost the first job, but thankfully, I had the second job to fall back on. That was when I knew what God was trying to do by providing me with the second job, he wanted me to have protection because he knew what was going to happen. He is an awesome God.


In what awesome ways has God connected with you? Let’s discuss it in the comments section.















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