Impartation is NOT for the spiritually immature

I watched an episode from Sid Roth’s It’s supernatural. One of the guest speakers mentioned that he received an impartation of the spiritual gift of healing from a man of God. I think it is awesome that people are receiving impartations of gifts from others, and I appreciate the love it is spreading through the body of Christ. However, I would say this, brethren, BEWARE!!!!

I once ran into the YouTube page of a pastor (whose name I would not mention). He claimed that he can see into the spirit, which came as no surprise to me because this is a common gift that many spiritual leaders in the church have. However, when he began to describe his gift, it sounded more pagan than Christian. He used terminologies like “the third eye”.Ā  I do not know but I have been reading the bible for months now, and I have never seen the term “third eye” in the bible. He also began to describe the signs that he has experienced since receiving the gift. I was curious, so I searched “the third eye” on YouTube. I was shocked to see that the people who use this terminology are Hindus who practice Hinduism. All of the signs that he mentioned that he experienced are also the same signs that those Hindu people described. I am almost certain that the power that this preacher has is not the power of God, but possibly evil powers. Towards the end of the video, the pastor mentioned that he set up a website where people would join him and he would impart the spirit to see into the spiritual realm to them. I found another video from a now Christian who mentioned in his video that he too used to use his “third eye”. He mentioned that it is actually demonic, and that since becoming a Christian that he has stopped every activity relating to the third eye.

Now, if a person is spiritually mature, and they know the bible from cover to bottom, and have a good communication with God, before receiving any spirit, God can warn them if the spirit is evil. Even if they receive the spirit, their spirit man would alert them that the spirit is evil, and they can make the moves to cast it out. However, for the spiritually immature, they would receive a spirit such as what this pastor is advocating and they would not know that they might have collected an evil spirit. We are called by the holy Bible to test the spirits. How can someone test the spirits without having the testing tools which come from spiritual maturity. We need to be careful with the things that we agree to. So many people have ended up with evil spirits while praying for the holy spirit. The devil hears some of the things we say, and sometimes he sends counterfeit blessings that are actually contaminated. We need to test the spirits. If it is not in line with God’s word and God’s nature, we need to cast it out of ourselves.

The moral lesson here is simple

  1. Be careful with the spirits you allow into your body via impartation or any other means. Make sure that it is of God.
  2. Make sure that you test every spirit.

4 thoughts on “Impartation is NOT for the spiritually immature

  1. The Accidental Poet says:

    Thanks so much for posting this topic on your blog and thanks for following my blog. The subject of spiritual gifts is extremely important. My pastor just completed a series he titled S.H.A.P.E. The acronym means Spiritual Gifts, Heart, Attitude, Personality, and Experiences. We are to use all these to fulfill our potential, indeed our calling, to further the Kingdom of God. I am online friends with a lay minister who is a cessationist. He believes all miracles (including speaking in tongues, prophecy, Word from God, healing hands) ended with the last apostle. He quotes Scripture to back this up. I don’t agree. Your comments about the “third eye” are spot on. Many signs and wonders will abound in the final days. In fact Scripture tells us that “even the very elect” will be deceived. So we NEED discerning of the Spirit to separate the wheat from the chaff. I look forward to reading more of your posts. In Christ, The Accidental Poet. aka Steven.


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