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God revealed something to me about women

So, one day, I was watching videos on YouTube. I ran into a video on YouTube where the speaker discussed about Goddesses reincarnations and the Oshun traditional religion. The speaker mentioned that there are certain women in their religion that are reincarnations of Goddesses. She said that these women are distinguished from other women because they get whatever they want in life. She said that when a woman who is a reincarnate of a Goddess falls in love with a man and has sex with this man, a lot of good things would begin to happen to the man. The man will suddenly begin to run into good fortune from all corners. However, in this religion, not every woman is privileged to be a reincarnation of a Goddess, as a matter of fact, only 1 in 250 women might be a Goddess reincarnation.

I do not know why, but after watching the video, I became a bit jealous. As a Christian, I asked God, how come we do not have something like this in our own religion. However, at the time, I thought to myself, all hope is not lost, Christian women can always resort to praying for their husbands. While I was pondering on the word of God one day, a verse that I was reading suddenly hit my spirit, the words were

He who finds a wife finds a good thing,
And obtains favor from the Lord. – Proverbs 18:22

In that moment, the understanding that I got from God was that every Christian man who finds his wife (A Christian Woman), has found a good thing, and he would receive God’s favor because of it. Goodness will befall him and good fortune would be his portion, because he is under the counsel of a good woman, and his union pleases the Lord. God made me understand that unlike their religion that favors only 1 in 250 women, every Christian woman has access to this grace from the father.

So, Christian sisters, continue to walk in the spirit and to build a relationship with the father, you are precious and worth far more than rubies. He who finds you, finds a good thing and goodness shall be his portion.

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