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That piece of paper called Marriage CHANGES EVERYTHING

Severally, I have heard people say that Marriage does not change anything. They see marriage as nothing more than a legal documentation of togetherness, a mere piece of paper. I would dare to be honest and say the truth here.

1. The reason why people do not see the sense in marriage is because they already act like a married couple before actually getting married. Many couples live together, have sex, and sometimes even have children together, before contemplating the idea of marriage. THAT IS WRONG!!!! Marriage should feel different and should bring a change with it. However, if you have already been sleeping with this person, living with them, and already have kids for them, then of course, marriage will not feel different.

2. The second reason is that people see marriage as nothing more than a public announcement of a commitment to a person, and one that will cost them tons of cash. First and foremost, the culture of costly marriages is nothing but a capitalist motive. Capitalists make money from women who buy expensive dresses, and from the organization of marriage as an expensive event. I am pretty sure that regardless of whether you are wearing Vera Wang or simply wearing a dress from Walmart, God will bless a marriage that happens in his presence. To add, when you marry someone, you are not making a commitment to them, you are making a commitment to God, and to your spirit man.

3. The third reason why people do not marry is because they believe that marriage is old school. They think an engagement is good enough, and is enough commitment, and that marriage is just simply outdated. PEOPLE! a proposal is NOT a marriage. An engagement is NOT a marriage. Nowhere in the bible did God permit people to get the privileges of a marriage simply from being engaged to the person, or simply from proposing. An engagement is not good enough, and marriages are necessary.

How people in the 21st century treat marriage is completely appalling. We need prayers, we need God, and most of all, we need real direction on this issue.


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