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Some of the different ways that people read the Bible, and how it affects them

You would notice that people have different interpretations of the Bible.  I find that this is sometimes due to different levels of comprehension, but I have also found that people actually read the bible differently, and I believe that it honestly affects how they see the words in it.

The different ways people read the bible:

  1. Like a Novel/ Story book: Believe it or not, some people actually read the bible like a novel. These people do not care whether the events that happened in the book are true or not, they just love a good story, and to them the bible provides them with more than 500 pages of such a story.

2. Like a secret book: there are people who think that everything in the bible is a word that is meant to conceal an even deeper secret. These are the people who would notice that a word is written in chapter 7, verse 7 and on page 7. They would make a 7-7-7 connection, and say that the word contains a symbol of God’s perfection. Honestly speaking, while there are some parts of the bible that contain words that have a deeper meaning, some parts honestly do not. I find that people who read the bible like a secret book tend to over- spiritualize everything, even verses that are very straight-forward.

3. Like a history book: some people read the bible, however, they are not interested in all of it, they are simply interested in history. They want to see what the bible has to say about how the world came to be. They want to see if the bible can explain the purpose of life. These people often tend to miss out on the fact that the bible actually applies in this modern day as it did in the olden days. They focus too much on the historical aspect of it, and they sometimes miss out because of this.

4. Like an instruction book: there are people who are genuinely not interested in what happened back then and where. They are simply interested in the do’s and the dont’s of the bible. They want to see what instructions God has for us, and that is all that they are interested in. However, the bible details the life of other people, so that we can see that the things that are happening to us now, happened in a different way back then too, and so that we can learn from it. If you want to see all the instructions, you need to read the stories too.

5.  As a way to find out about God: who is God? Why did he create the earth? What is he really all about. There are people who read the bible to find out about the character of God, and to understand God. There is nothing wrong with this reading style per say, so long as one does not do it to the exclusion of the other things in the bible. Everything in the bible is important, and the holy spirit put it there for a reason

Although some of the styles mentioned above are kind of funny, reading our Bibles are an important part of a Christian life, and we should strive to do it daily.

In what other ways do people read the bible, let’s discuss in the comments section:

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