(Beware: Not Every Church is of God) Through the Storm: My Story Part 4


Shortly after baptism, I moved to a different city. In that city, I was looking for a church to attend. As a naive young Christian, I thought that every church is a good church, and that where I go does not matter. I couldn’t be more wrong. I started attending a nearby church. The pastor was really nice and he had a lovely wife. I was received well by the congregation, and the people were nice. It was my kind of church. I generally prefer churches in quiet areas, with a small group of church members with interesting personalities, and that is exactly what the church in question gave me.

I was also not just going to church, I was looking for love in church. I was of the opinion that I might be lucky to find a man of interest there. A church is a good place for a Christian to find love, that was my thinking at the time.

Every Sunday before church, I would dress up, put on makeup and I was selective about how I appeared. I was lucky, on my first day in the church, I saw a young man whom I considered attractive, and I could conceptualize a relationship with him. The pastor introduced us, and we became friends from there. He would always give me a ride home, and one day, he asked me to grab lunch with him, so I assumed that it was a date.

Prior to the scheduled date, I noticed a lot of weird things about the dude in question, I noticed a certain young girl whom he was always flirting with in church. The girl in question was a minor and I doubt she was of legal age (18), the dude in question is about 25. I did not know what to make of it. He also told me of his previous relationship, and how he broke things off with his former girlfriend. He did not specifically mention why he left her, he just told me that he broke up with her and she kept coming to his house to demand to see him. Gathering from the story he told me, it seems like he dated her and randomly broke up with her. He said she was too clingy. His side of the story did not make sense. He was also super consumed about how he looked, always had a fresh haircut every time, always paid attention to looks, he came off as superficial to say the least. I guess I have no right to judge him since I was always dressed up too.

I also had dreams about the church. I dreamt that I saw some evil worshippers run into a church with true worshippers, and I saw the evil people pretending to be good, and worshipping like they believed in God. I did not want to believe what God was trying to tell me because I was too focused on how nice the people in that church appeared.

I also had a dream that my prayers were disturbing the evil people in the church. One day, the church had a prayer session, and this time around, I did not dress up. I went to the church with sweatpants and a simple t-shirt, that day I was ready for real prayers. I noticed that when I started praying, the women who were sitting beside me started acting uneasy, and they left the church, they came back after prayers were done. The women later came back and they started a conversation with me, I suspected them, and figured that God was speaking to me about these people.

Over the weekend, my pastor from a different city called and we prayed together over the phone, and he told me to stop going to that church, because God told him that there is a cult in that church, and that some of them are jealous of the way I dress. I could confirm that what the pastor was saying was true because of the dreams that I had before hand.

The date that I had with that guy did not happen. I did not want to go on the date alone, so I invited a friend to come with me. My friend did not show up on time, so I could not go to the date. I am glad that I never went. I doubt that dude was serious about me. I am glad that God saved me from him, and from that church. 

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