God would shine your beauty from within

A Make-Up Set


As a woman, I tried hard to please the world. Trust me, I did it all. I tried make-up, I tried changing my personality, I did so much. I got tired, because truth be told, people are hard to please. I knew that the life that other people lived was not really for me. I knew that unlike the other girls, partying hard, dating several men and living a carefree life wasn’t for me, but I really wanted to fit in. I just simply did not trust the lord to work any miracles for me. I visited some churches and saw some pastors, and to be honest, a lot of their wives were really physically attractive women. Somewhere deep down, I wondered if they married those women by the leading of the holy spirit or based on their own personal desires. Nevertheless, all of that sent me back to my makeup box. I also saw girls who lived carefree lives and who went from men to men, I saw them get married and have happy families. Who am I to judge them? Nobody. However, it seemed like they were winning. The people who did everything contrary to what the Bible asks us to do, it seemed like they were winning, and I did not know how to feel about it. I have always wondered about women who gave it all up, I mean the women who wore no makeup, no hair extension, no fake nails, no fancy clothes, nothing. I have always wondered about them, do they not care about how the world would perceive them? Do they not care about how they look? But I also understand that these people were the better people, they are the ones who have truly given it all up for the Lord. Somewhere deep down, I admired their faith and courage. Right now, I want to try. They say that true beauty comes from the Lord. I really want to try. I want to cut back on all of these things and focus on the Lord. I think I will gain more confidence this way. God is easy to please and he cares. I really want to try. Maybe a change in focus should be my new year resolution, yes?

How about you? What is your story?

Psalm 86:11

Teach me your way, LORD, that I may rely on your faithfulness; give me an undivided heart, that I may fear your name.

2 thoughts on “God would shine your beauty from within

  1. As a man, my “makeup” has been to try to present myself as a “success.” Working hard, making money, spending money, appearing pious. Whether maturity, just plain age (perhaps without maturity) or my final acceptance that God is God and I am not, I have more often than not (but not always) let that go. Oh yes I still work hard. But I try very hard not to be true to my faith and steadfast in my love for others. I have come to realize not only the fleeting nature and vanity of the desire, but that the desire itself envy and nothing more. I hope there are those among us who can see that earlier in life than I did.


    1. Thank you so much for sharing this Tim. There are a lot of young boys who genuinely believe that money will score them everything. And I have also discovered that just as beauty is pushed on women, so is financial success pushed on men. Thank you for sharing, this means a lot. We thank God for his insight on this issue.

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