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How to be unforgettable in relationships

A Happy Couple


Contrary to what many people think, relationships are not solely based on emotions. We have a tendency to remember some of our exes more than the others. Maybe those people made an impact in our lives, maybe they were better than the rest, maybe, but in this post, I would share with you two secrets on how to be a truly unforgettable boyfriend, husband, girlfriend and wife.

First off, you need to make sure that the person in question likes you and you have established an emotional background with this person. There is no point in trying to be unforgettable to someone who doesn’t like you or who doesn’t want a relationship with you.

1ST TIP: you need to get to know them. What are they good at? and in what areas are they weak? People have a tendency to regard the people who help them in their time of weakness in high esteem. Is your partner, let me say good at communication, but bad at budgeting. Are they good at cooking, but bad at fixing things? Note all of the things that they are good at, and the things that they are not good at. Now, focus on the things that they are not good at, and think, how can I help them. If you are good at budgeting and your partner isn’t, you should ask them to handle the budgeting. If you are good at communication and they are not, you should help them out when things get awkward during their conversations with other people. You should focus on gaining the life skills that they do not have. Let’s imagine both of you are bad at budgeting, you should learn how to budget, so that you can be at least good at it for the both of you. You should also pay attention to them and tell them of their strengths and potential. Say something like this: “I have noticed that you have a great taste in designs, you would do great in selecting the home decor for our house”. Or something like this “I have noticed that you wake up early and have productive days, you would be a great work colleague”. Relationships are about team-work, and you should work on being there for your partner in their shortcomings. You should also pay attention to them, a lot of people have more skills than they know. If you discover hidden talent in them, tell them. Say something like this, “I have noticed that your text messages to me are always interesting to read and story-like in format, have you considered writing prose or poetry, I have a feeling you would be good at it”. People love partners who help them to become the best version of themselves. In addition, if they can count on your skills and abilities to fill in for the skills and abilities that they lack, they would see you as a person who completes them.

2ND TIP: Know how to enjoy life and be interesting. To be honest, one of the main reasons that people love holidays so much is that they finally get to enjoy their lives, away from all the work and all the family drama. However, holidays often happen only once a year or so, and it is not enough. Can you make a person feel like everyday with you is a holiday? Do you know how to enjoy life and how to help your partner too enjoy life on an everyday basis? You see in our everyday lives, there are little things that we can do to enjoy ourselves, and the truth is, a lot of people do not do these things or even know about them. People love being around others who have life figured out and who know how to have fun in any situation. It is easier to see a lifelong process with someone who does not constantly bore you. There are several ways to enjoy life: (1) Be funny: humor instantly changes up an atmosphere for the better. Also, smile a lot. (2) Know how to practice self – care in small ways: grabbing a cup of hot coffee for your partner on a cold day without them asking. Planning an unexpected date night. Interesting weekend getaways within the city. All of these are great self care measures that you can indulge your partner in. (3) have depth: God and spirituality is still a mysterious realm, and a lot is still unknown. People find spiritual people interesting because of the passion that they have for their line of faith. Gain more information about God, develop your spirituality and be willing to share your knowledge with your partner in interesting ways. (4) Be intellectual: People would consider you more interesting if you have a unique perspective in life. To have a unique perspective, observe the world more, and try to see deep connections where there are no obvious ones. Look deeper, and have a deeper understanding. Nobody gets bored when talking with someone who has deep understanding of life. etc. (5) Be informed: information is key. Life gets difficult when people do not have information. Do you know all the government assistance programs in your city? Maybe you might have paid full price for an item only to realize that there are coupons for 50% off online. Or maybe there are easy money making tactics that you have randomly passed up on. Information is key. Having the right information can help you save money, do things with more ease, and so much more. Work on finding information. Having a partner who often informs you of new tips and tricks is always interesting, and very soon, you would be the first person that they would call before doing anything, because they wonder what tips and tricks you would offer. You would help to make their life easy, and things get good from there.

As a side note, also, do not forget God and prayer in relationships. It is God who makes things good. Also, be good to your partner, do not forget that you are in that person’s life for a reason, and God has a reason for putting us in the journey of other people. Be good, act right, and pray hard.


Ecclesiastes 4:9: “Two are better than one, because they have a good return for their labor: If either of them falls down, one can help the other up. But pity anyone who falls and has no one to help them up. Also, if two lie down together, they will keep warm. But how can one keep warm alone?”

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