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The Keys To Flourishing As A Christian

Hello Guys and Girls. How is everyone doing during this lockdown? Fine I hope. I took part in a 3 day retreat with the Mount Zion Film Ministries. The key theme of the retreat was “How To Flourish as a Christian“. They had pastors and ministers preach on the topic on how to flourish and they had some insightful ideas indeed. I took notes and I want to share my notes with you. I hope you find them useful.

Questions To Ask To Flourish

You need to ask, God,

Who do you want me to be? (who do I need to be to flourish)
Where do you want me to be (location)? (the location where I would flourish)
What God do you want me to follow?
Steps To Flourish
1. Need to be born again
2. You will flourish as you are in the course of God. Follow God and all things would be added onto you.
3. Do not waver in time of distress or pain, do not let your faith in God waver. If your faith wavers in the day of pain, you have little strength.
4. Givers never lack. Give and you will receive. You should take more pride in giving than in receiving.
Secrets of Flourishing
1) The secret of flourishing is #1 stand in Christ and be refused to be moved by anything: Your vision needs to be rooted in God. You should not be discouraged by anyone in your pursuit of God. Do not stop going to church because the pastor offended you. Instead, go to another church, but keep pursuing God. Jesus did say to the disciples that there would be trials and tribulations, which we Christians too often face. However, Jesus says those who remain faithful and consistent in the course of God would flourish.


2) The bigness of your blessings / visions will impact the bigness of your tribulations. If there are millions of people attached to your destiny, there will be tribulations, crises, etc. But those things should not drive you to leave the Lord’s work.
I hope you find these notes useful.
You can watch Mount Zion Ministry’s Christian films HERE

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