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How you can build your faith Part 1

Hello Guys,

I was privileged to ask a man of God about faith and his answer was striking. He told me that faith DOES NOT come by prayer, NOR DOES it come by fasting. It comes by HEARING the word of God. So guys and gals, we need to dust off our Bibles and begin to rebuild our faith again by hearing and reading the word of God.

I took notes on the remaining things that he said, please find the notes below.

Faith is found in two places

1. In your mouth
2. In your heart
God works with faith. You need to have faith to get a breakthrough. Faith is the currency of heaven.
2 Conditions to Manifest Breakthrough
1. You need to Ask
2. You need to believe that you would receive what you ask for.
Faith is not the same as belief.
James 2:19:
19 You believe that there is one God. Good! Even the demons believe that—and shudder.
James 2:19 shows that even demons believe in God. So, belief is not faith. Demons believe but do not have faith. Some Christians have only belief and not faith. It is faith that would bring results.  A lot of Christians are frustrated because their prayers do not have an effect. They need faith not belief. Faith is a spiritual force. Faith does not come by prayer, faith comes through hearing the word of God. Faith does not come by fasting and prayer, it comes by hearing. To build your faith, you need to read the BIble.
When you come to God for prayer, the first thing that God looks at is your heart. If your heart is not right, God can decide not to listen to you. He tests your mind after looking at your heart (mind = God would search for the motivation behind the prayer). If your heart is not pure and you are praying, you are wasting your time. Keep your thoughts and your thinking right.
Pure in heart
1. Accept Jesus As Your Lord and Saviour
2. Godly Character
3. Revelation Of God’s Grace (Not Good Works but Grace)
4. No Unforgiveness In Your Heart or Bitterness, Anger, Pain Of the Past, etc. (You need to learn to commit the people who offend you to God in prayer, forgive them and move on. Before praying, you need to search your heart first).

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