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Spirit Spouses Aren’t Real

A common phenomenon in the church these days is the concept of “spirit husband / wife”, or should I say “spirit spouses”. This is a condition where Christians complain that they dream of strange men and women having sex with them in their dreams. Many Christians complain about this. Many Christians also report that after having these dreams they suffer setback in their lives and several disappointments. While their complaints are valid, spirit spouses are actually a trick from the devil.

I ran into a video from a Youth Pastor who broke the concept down pretty well + he gave a bunch of helpful rules for spiritual warfare. Check out the video on YouTube HERE

If the link above does not work, enter the link manually, here it is:

For those who cannot watch the video, here is what he said:

There are no spirit husbands or spirit wives, the church and many leaders are misguided. No such thing as a spirit husband and wife is mentioned in the Bible. What you are seeing is actually the work of a familiar spirit (not a spiritual spouse).  Please bear in mind that familiar spirits are actually mentioned in the Bible. This is why people go for several deliverance and nothing changes. You actually do not need any special deliverance from them. When you wake up from dreams that involve sex with strange men and women often called “spiritual spouses”, you stand up stand firm and say “Satan, I command you in the name of Jesus, get out of my dreams, get out of my life by the power of the holy ghost in the name of Jesus Christ”, and you will be free, it won’t happen to you again. Anytime that you are trying to come up in the realm of the supernatural in fasting, in prayer, and in the word of God, Satan brings these things to people to weigh their spirit down. So go back to the altar, ask the holy spirit to kindle your fire, and those things will stop. Walk in the power of the holy ghost and do not be deceived. Many churches these days practice religious works some of which are outside of God’s teaching in the Bible. 

 Spirits cannot have sex, spirits also do not die (more on this later). However, the concept that spirits can have sex with humans and become their spiritual spouses is misguided. 

Genesis 6:2 mentions that the sons of God saw the daughter of men and took them for wives. Many people confuse these sons of God to mean “angels”, but it is not so. Look at Luke 3:38, God describes Adam as the “son of God”. However, Adam was very much human. So, the sons of God in Genesis were not angels but actually humans. Also look at Genesis 6:17, you can tell from that verse that the “giants” did not survive the flood because God destroyed every living being except for Noah and his family. The Bible never mentions that Noah or any of his family members are giants. Nevertheless, we see giants mentioned again in Numbers 13:33 as the sons of Anak, this was long after the flood. You can tell from this that they were descendants of human parents, otherwise they could have stopped existing after the flood. Spirits do not have sex. When a man who is filled with the holy ghost has sexual relations with his wife, it is his body not the holy ghost in him that is having sexual relations with his wife. The enemy shows people sex in their dreams and shows them with so-called spiritual spouses in order to keep them feeling like sinners and to stop them from approaching God boldly in the place of prayer. Hebrews 4:16 talks about coming boldly to God in prayer. 

So, if spirit spouses are not real, then who are the strange women and men who often appear to have sex with many Christians in their dreams? You see the body of a Christian cannot be possessed by demons, because once they confess their faith in God and profess Jesus Christ as their saviour, the holy spirit comes to live in their body permanently. Every time a demon tries to possess a Christian, the greater spirit within the Christian (the holy spirit) would resist them. These familiar spirits operate from the outside. Because many Christians have not yet known the truth of God’s word and their conscience is weak, the devil manipulates their minds through their ignorance. Since it is impossible for spirits to have marital relations, they create fantasies, sexual fantasies that people cannot resist in their dreams. They do this by using the faces of friends, family members, crushes etc. They work hand in hand with familiar spirits. They create the fantasies and images, those images are not real, but when a Christian believes the deceit, it becomes real and it will have a negative impact on their finance, marriage, education, career etc. If the Christian is a pastor, it could destroy his ministry. This is one of Satan’s greatest inventions that has hit the body of Christ hard in many nations of the world. Many believers fall victim to this trick and the devil loves that. 


A few things to know:

  • You can’t lose the anointing, he (the anointing)  is not a property, he is a personality. 
  • The holy ghost is not a force, he is the Lord. See 2 Corinthians 3:17
  • You do not need any special deliverance from so-called spiritual spouses. The truth of God’s word and knowing what they are, how they operate, and how to oppose them  is your deliverance. See John 8:32. 
  • No genuine child of God can be possessed by a demonic spirit, but yes, they can be manipulated by these spirits. Manipulated, yes, possessed, no. We need to learn to trust only in the name of Jesus. When we move from faith-life and begin to add other things to our faith, we open the doors for demonic manipulation. Do not add candles, incense, herbs to the name of Jesus. Do not worship the spirit of the sainted dead in the Bible, worship only Jesus. Do not worship Mary, Apostle Paul, Moses, Abraham etc., only worship Jesus. These things attract demonic spirits especially via dreams. 


Prayer point: Father God, I pray that the light of your word floods my mind by the power of the holy ghost in the name of Jesus, Amen. 

Rules of Spiritual Warfare

  • #1 Spirits do not die: See Luke 20:35-36. Therefore do not command them to die. When you give the wrong command, they sense your ignorance and knock you down. Be firm rooted and stand your ground. 
  • #2 Do not beg satan – order him. Never beg satan, he would see it as a sign of weakness and an opportunity to attack you. You have the power as a child of God to order him. Use words like “I command you to (insert your request here) in the name of Jesus Christ”. 
  • #3 On the spiritual battleground, do not use your carnal muscles, use your spiritual muscles. Do not try to attack the spirit with your fists and aggression, instead use the word of God to fight them. The word of God is a two-edged sword. See Hebrews 4:12. 
  • #4 The spiritual battleground is not a physical place, it is a spiritual environment. 
  • #5 On the spiritual battleground, when things fall out of place, arrange them with tongues. Do not be afraid to speak in tongues. Even if you do not understand what you are saying, you are being moved by God, so speak, it works. Release the tongues from your spirit and trust the holy ghost. See 1 Corinthians 14:2. 
  • #6 Every spirit has a name. See Mark 5:8. Call them by their name. You need to call the name of the spirit, if it is the spirit of lust call it’s name. 
  • #7 Do not command the spirit to die, or simply to disappear – spirits do not die and they simply do not disappear, every defeated spirit  usually has a destination. See Luke 11:24. So, command them to go to hades (hell fire) and to burn there forever.

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