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Time with God and the Devil’s Plan

A common thing people say is “I do not have the time“. “I do not have the time for prayers, no time for worship, I have no time“. You see my friend, life is full of distractions. School, work, family, etc. the commitments from these places can take you away from God and from spending time with God, and guess what, that is the devil’s plan. People spend too much of their time working for money. Do not forget that in the end, we are going to answer to, not money, not job, not wife or husband, but to God. The devil loves to use distractions in life to tempt people away from spending time with God. Why is it that when some people are about to take their relationship with God to the next level, that is when something will happen to distract them from God completely. The devil is a liar. Kingdom warriors, rise up and decide that the devil will no longer win. The devil has infiltrated the structure of the world, so many systems do not have God in them at all. This is the plan of the devil, he has come to steal. Right now, he is stealing a lot of people’s time. Put God first. If it means you need to make yourself inconvenient, then do so. God has made so many sacrifices for us, it is only right that we make sacrifices for him too. Dedicate a certain portion of your time throughout the day to use to spend time with God and to share the word of God with others.

Some time-saving ways to spend time with God daily:

  1. Try audio bibles, there are some on YouTube. You can listen to the word of God as you clean your house, as you rest in the evening and at other times.
  2. Worship music: when you play and sing along to worship music, you are praising God. Play it in your house, in your car, everywhere.
  3. Short prayers throughout the day: Pray without ceasing. Let God know how you feel throughout the day. Pray from time to time. Even if for 5 mins every 3 hours, that would work.
  4. Bible Study: besides audio Bible, you can also get a bible study plan, and realistically set a goal of where you want to be at the end of the year. The bible study plan will tell you which verses to study on which day in order to reach your goal. Many bible study plans are available for free on google.
  5. Spread the gospel any way you can: You can simply mention the gospel to someone. You can try evangelism. Upload a photo of God as your profile picture on social media. Include a quote from the Bible on your instagram story etc. share the word somehow.

Comment below what time-saving tips you have for freeing up your schedule to make time for God.

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