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Can God Use A Sinner For His Service?

Estimated Reading Time: About 5 Mins

A lot of Christians tend to look down on people with a worldly lifestyle and think that they are finished. Well, technically speaking, their way of life does not please God. God needs warriors, people who can fight for and establish his kingdom here on earth and the one to come, and living life recklessly does not fit into this box. However, God loves all of us, even the sinners. Technically, we all are sinners, even if some people tend to sin more than others. The question of whether God can use a sinner for his service is one that has caused a lot of contention in the past. Although, I would be suspicious of a person who was formerly living a reckless life who now suddenly claims to be a minister of God, I would not completely discredit them without asking God first. When Jesus met Simon Peter as described in Luke 5:8, Simon said “go away from me Lord, I am a sinful man”. Jacob in the Bible was no saint either, he stole his elder brother (Esau’s) blessing, nevertheless, God blessed him and made a great nation out of him. God does not care about their past, but he cares about their reformation. To God, a sinner is like the lost sheep. The Bible mentions that when a shepherd is walking his sheep, if one of them goes astray, the shepherd would leave the flock to find the one that went astray. God wants them to come back to the path, he wants them to be better. We need to judge worldly people less, and pray for them more. If Jesus died for their sins, who are we to condemn them?

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