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Why We Repeatedly Commit the Same Sin.

Estimated Reading Time: About 7 minutes

A lot of Christians repeatedly commit the same sin over and over again. They ask God for forgiveness and they find that soon after they commit the same sin again. Trust me, I have been there. Repeated sin and battling the old man of the flesh. It got to a certain point where I even began to wonder what God still saw in me. I could not believe that he was still there despite everything. It took me a long time to realize that the issue was that I was relying on my own strength to overcome sin. I would plan on how to avoid it. However, what I needed was not my own strength, but the strength of God. God was trying to teach me to understand that we humans are weak and our strength will come from him. What’s worse is that sin does not do anything good for us, like chocolate it could give some temporary high, but its long-term effects on us are not good. Some Christians get ashamed of their sin and decide to stop praying to God altogether. They think that God does not want to hear from them, but God wants to actually help them. You see, God is like a gardener and we are the plants. If God sees that we are not growing well, he would add more fertilizer to us to support us. So, let God guide you, pray hard, and set your mind on God and in Godly spaces.

(Father God, I thank you for your mercies over everyone reading this post right now. I thank you for I know you will help them reach where they want to be in their journey with you. Father, I pray you give them the strength to surpass their faults in Jesus Name, Amen)

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