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Check Up On Other Christians Whenever You Can

Estimated Reading Time: About 6 minutes

I know that we all are guilty of this. We are so accustomed to talking to people who do not know God about the Lord, and we forget about those who already know the Lord. You see, everyone needs to hear about the Lord, even those who already know about him need to be reminded of him. Sometimes a church-going Christian suddenly stops coming to church, and we might just assume that they found another church. However, sometimes, there is something that they are worried about or dealing with that is really bothering them. Knowing the Lord does not necessarily stop us from worry and doubt. We always have to remind ourselves that God is in control, he always is. Not every smiling Christian is a happy person, and not every Christian who stops coming to church has found another church, we need to check up on our siblings in Christ and make sure that they are okay. Once upon a time, I had a friend who was a Christian, he knew that I had just began my faith and he would always call me randomly to say “if you ever need to speak, you have a friend in me”. He always reached out, and I knew that I could talk to him anytime. Even now, God recently blessed me with a new friend. She is a full-time minister. Talking to her feels great and I am learning so much. God is great. These people check up on me and I too have now taken the baton and I am passing it to you, will you take the baton? will you check up on other believers from time to time? I have committed to this myself.

(Father, I pray in the name of Jesus that you give everyone reading this post the knowledge to discern when to reach out to another brother or sister in faith. God help us to help them reach a good place with you, in Jesus name I pray, Amen).

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