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I Have A Confession To Make

Dear brethren, I hope this message meets you well. What I love about this platform is that I get to share the word of the Lord with the people and also help to build the house of the Lord. But sometimes, the builder could be broken in their own way. For months, I struggled with lust. This is something that makes me uncomfortable. I hate it when I cannot be normal around people, but actually have to look at them funny. I actually do hate it, and I kid you not. I understand that lust is something that Christians commonly struggle with, but I do want to be better. In a previous post I shared that I struggle with maladaptive daydreaming. I do thank the Lord for his mercies over that condition. However, I am still healing from that condition and it sometimes adds to the issue of lust. I am handing this situation over to the Lord, but I do believe it is important to share this with you my brethren. Sometimes we might think a person is perfect because they show up and talk about God, but you never know what sins they commit. Please do keep me in your prayers, and may God bless you all.

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