Peace, Purpose and Progress Over Perfection and Pretention

Dear Brethren,

I hope this message meets you well. It is great to convene with you today, and I love you for all your support. This past week has allowed me to realize how truly busy life can be. While we preach about spending time with God, we often do not speak much about the practicality of doing so. However, as a child of God, spending time with the father is often one of the greatest things that helps me to de-stress. I know many of us want to leave our communication with God till later. We want to leave it until everything else is done. However, sometimes, when everything seems overwhelming, a quick 5 minutes with God before you begin your tasks can help you to re-focus on what truly matters. At the end of the day, you are a child of God, and that is your greatest purpose. In addition, you need to trust that God will see you through your tasks for the day and raise help for you in time of need. Life does get busy. However, the peace of communicating with God, the purpose of being a child of God and a light of the world, and the progress of taking the time to spend time with him, is better than seeking perfection and pretending to have achieved it. We choose peace, purpose, and progress, over perfection and pretention.

Do Not forget to spend some time communicating with our heavenly father today.

Before you go, I have an exciting announcement to make, I recently published a prayer journal, a gratitude journal and a prayer list book, which you can now buy on Amazon. Here are the Links:

Prayer Journal For Women:

Prayer List:

Gratitude Journal:

(If you do buy a copy, please be sure to leave me a review of how it was. I love to get feedback. I love you guys).

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