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The Healing Ministry Controversy

Dear Brethren,

I hope this message meets you well.

Today’s discussion is something that I would love for you to chime in via the comments section because I also need more information on the topic. Indeed, there is healing within Christianity. We see from the bible that Jesus healed the sick. In this day and age, there are men and women of God who believe that they are healers (within the Christian body). The healing ministry is a popular one. However, I heard somewhere that some pastors tell their sick clients to stop taking their medication after a healing prayer because taking medication after the prayer is an act of faithlessness. Some of the clients become sicker and sicker after they stop taking their medication. There is a case of a boy who died after his parents stopped giving him his medication because they believed that God had healed him. This is a discussion that I would like us to have. I know that there are different dimensions to healing (both spiritual healing and physical healing). Some Pastors also mention that there are two types of healing, healing (which occurs over an extended period of time), and there are miracles (which happens at once). I have seen several Youtube videos where people detail how God healed them both miraculously and through gradual healing, so we know that God is still in the business of healing his children. However, do we believe every person who claims to be a healer? Some preachers even preach that every Child of God is able to lay hands on the sick and they would be healed. However, is this belief biblical? do we all have a healing anointing? or do we have to be called to this position? Please do chime in, let’s discuss.

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