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Is It New Age or Christian (Doreen Virtue) —

How do you tell the difference between New Age and Christianity? There is deception lurking within the church walls, and it would be really helpful to know how to spot differences. If you are reading your Bible and understanding it correctly, you may not be confused about the differences between New Age and Christianity. However, […]

Is It New Age or Christian (Doreen Virtue) —

2 responses to “Is It New Age or Christian (Doreen Virtue) —”

  1. Thank you. I know nothing about New Age. Your video is very interesting. I am very careful when I write to make sure it is biblically based because we will be held accountable (2Cor. 5:10). Question. My sister is a Christian but many people say she is in New Age because she believes crystals put off energy frequencies that affect the energy frequency of your body. Is this New Age?


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