When Will The Lord Bless You

A lot of people in life are seeking God's blessing in one area or the other. We are hoping that he would come through for us. Whether it is about some illness, a job, a marriage, or things like that. You see, God knows your needs, and he knows that you need these things. So, … Continue reading When Will The Lord Bless You


Happy Mother’s Day

Happy Mother's Day to all the mothers out there. Women work very hard, Mothers work hard. We appreciate you all, Happy Mother's Day.

Gratitude Post #1

I thank God for literally everything that I am, and everything that I have. However, today, I want to thank God for everyone who reads, likes, comments on, and follows this blog. You guys are amazing. I am thankful for the fellowship, and community that we have built on this platform. I am happy that … Continue reading Gratitude Post #1