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When Will The Lord Bless You

A lot of people in life are seeking God’s blessing in one area or the other. We are hoping that he would come through for us. Whether it is about some illness, a job, a marriage, or things like that. You see, God knows your needs, and he knows that you need these things. So, the question is, why does God sometimes respond slowly to our prayers? it is because there are other things going on that we need to address. You see, if you are a person asking for God to bless you with a promotion at work, but also happen to be a very mean person, God cannot bless you with a promotion. If God blesses you with that promotion, everybody else who works beneath you will suffer. God does not want to bless a person when blessing them would be a curse to others. God will assess the situation before making a move. (1) Sometimes, God needs to change the person, before he can bless the person.

In the second instance, there are people praying for a blessing, but God sees that what they are praying for is a good blessing, but it would be a hindrance to an even bigger blessing. For instance, God might see that you would meet your future partner on a day when you are walking on the sidewalk. If you are currently praying for a car, God might decide to delay your blessing for a car until you meet your soulmate on that sidewalk. This brings us to point number 2. (2) Sometimes, an immediate blessing can be a hindrance to an even bigger future blessing, and for this reason, God would hold off on it. 

Thirdly, you might be praying to get out of a situation that you are currently facing. However, it can be the case that God let that situation happen to you, so that you can grow spiritually. God knows that the situation would force you to pray, to fast, and to listen to the word of God. it is not that God does not want to help you, but those troubles are there for a bigger purpose. This brings us to point number 3. (3) Sometimes, God let your troubles affect you so that you can mature spiritually. 

In another instance, the reason why the Lord has not yet blessed you with something that you are praying for is because what seems to you like a blessing is not actually a blessing. If you are praying for a car, and you also happen to be a person who likes to drink a lot. God can see that you might end up drunk driving and driving yourself and others to death, so a car might not be a good blessing for a person like you. This brings us to point number 4. (4) Sometimes the things you think are a blessing are actually not a blessing, and God can see that. 

7 responses to “When Will The Lord Bless You”

      • You are kind. Thank you. I had a blog called “confessions of a sufferer of anxiety and depression..the real truth,” however I took that down because my ex boyfriend “checked in” and that is when I saw how happy he is with a new girlfriend. I knew he had one…but…he piped in on my conversation…and it just was not good. I didn’t want them to be able to see my stuff (as I wrote about how I missed him, etc). ANYWAY….I am thinking of him today..and that lonely feeling is creeping in. I wish he would reach out..but I wasn’t really that interested in him anyway. LOL. My new site is Lets Talk Anxiety Disorders and Depression. More of inspirational chats, rather than me putting my real truth out there.


      • Wow interesting. You might not be able to express your feelings on the internet, but you sure can express it to God. I would really like to see you happy with a new love. Love is awesome, and love feels magical. I hope you find love soon in Jesus name, Amen. I would check your blog out as well. ❤ ❤


      • Thank you. I’m feeling sad today. I’ve been pushing each day…with my ex on my mind. He has a new girlfriend. I wasn’t even that in to him. Yet…I’m so sad. Heard our song today. I want God to be in my life. Damn it. I forget all about God. I need him. Thank you for listening.
        And for your prayers.


      • we all have to push through something sister, but we always need to remember that the Lord would never forget us. Hold onto the promise that God made in Isaiah 41:10
        “Don’t be afraid, for I am with you.
        Don’t be discouraged, for I am your God.
        I will strengthen you and help you.
        I will hold you up with my victorious right hand”.


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