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How To Build Your Faith Part 2

So in my last post about how to build your faith, I talked about the response that I got from a man of God. Today, I want to provide you with information on how you can further build your faith.

I feel like one of the biggest stumbling blocks to our faith in God is in our wrong assumption that God is limited by the things that we are limited by. We feel like if it is not physically possible then God cannot do it. However, we need to remember that God is greater and wiser than us and is not subject to the same limitations that we are. If you are running out of faith, a great way to find it again is to watch the testimonies of other people. YouTube is a great place, there are a lot of people sharing their testimonies on there. If you go on there, trust me, you will find a lot of awesome testimonies of God doing impossible things. A girl was blessed with a house by God even if she had $0 saved. When you watch these testimonies, you would see how God can do great things no matter the situation and that should help rekindle your faith.



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